How to Work on Cruise Lines and get Cruise Ship Jobs

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How to Work on Cruise Lines and get Cruise Ship Jobs

If you’ve ever thought about getting a cruise ship job or have even played around with the idea, this article could help you on your way to working on cruise ships. Cruises are one of the most sought out ways for people around the world to break free from the nine to five and experience life through travel and entertainment. Cruises provide rest and relaxation for thousands of people world wide every years. These cruise ships have a number of areas that demand staff, this is where the cruise ship job comes in.

If you’ve ever considered working on cruise lines, these steps may help you get there.

1. Cruise lines have a demand for those working in the food and service industry. If you have these talents then you are one step ahead. If you don’t, you may want to consider getting some practice in before attempting to apply for a cruise ship job.

2. It helps to know someone in the cruise line business, however, this is not an option for many. Nevertheless, information is your greatest tool. It is advisable that you spend some time in forums online and research cruise ship jobs before haphazardly applying. The more you know the better off you are.

3. Dress (and act) to impress. When applying for a cruise line job, act the part. You want to portray someone that can provide you with a warm welcoming and helpful service. You must look clean and well kept. Remember, you are there to provide someone with a luxury that they paid highly for. Your employer knows this as well.

4. There are many agencies that help you get in to cruise ship jobs and can help you gain employment. They often do not cost very much and can be very worth while. It is suggested that you take part in atleast one of these programs if you are serious about working on cruise ships.

5. Be consistent, persistent, on-time and aggressive when seeking employment. This is a healthy tip for any job, but if you want to work on cruise lines then act like you want it, and want it bad.

6. Laziness, apathy, poor attitude and inability to cooperate with a team will most surely keep you from employment. Make the decision to be self-motivated, positive and have a good outlook on life. Be the kind of person you would want to hire.

Getting a cruise ship job can be very rewarding and adventurous experience. If you act the part and in turn be the part you can increase your chances of becoming a proud employee of a cruise line of your choice.

Source by Gabe Killian

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