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Ecuador Medical Tourism

What is “Medical Tourism”?

Ecuador Medical Tourism or “Global Healthcare” involves traveling to a foreign country for a medical procedure. Occasionally the medical procedure is urgent, but more often than not it is an elective treatment such as cosmetic surgery or dental care.

The number of people seeking healthcare in foreign countries now runs into millions per year. Most patients are Westerners attracted to the concept of quality surgical treatment for a fraction of the cost they would pay in their own countries. After receiving the medical treatment, the patients often take a relaxing recovery vacation in the same country. Often patients can pay for their surgery, flight and a week or two at a resort for a fraction of what they would have paid back at home.

Popular elective medical services include knee or hip joint replacements, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental surgery. Patients in need of emergency procedures are also attracted to this concept because the wait-period for certain operations can take up to a year or more in their own countries. Often they can have the procedure done immediately in another country.

Source: Chart 2010.pdf

Ecuador is not mentioned on this list. However, Ecuador offers excellent medical services for economical prices, especially in Cuenca. We have lived in Cuenca now for over two years, and have witnessed many examples of foreigners having medical and dental treatment while they have been here. Without exception, we have only heard excellent feedback.

For more information on Medical Tourism in Ecuador make sure you check out the website below.

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