Cruise ship job vacancies, the cruise lines are hiring now!

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Cruise ship job vacancies, the cruise lines are hiring now!

Crystal Cruises:

There are 15,000 cruise ship job vacancies to be filled every year, just to keep up with all the new mega cruise ships being launched. 

The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the world! 

I am strongly advise you to apply directly to the cruise lines that interest you, this is the best way. If you have a good referred local agent by good seamen currently working on board, that will be great too!

Cruising is now the largest growing leisure and travel job industry in the world and looking for new cruise staff who are experienced working in areas such as hotel, casino, beauty therapy, photography, security, retail, food and beverage, administration, entertainers, hotel personnel, IT, lecturers, Security personnel, travel staff, health and fitness, tour coordinator and many more. 

Whatever your background and job experience is, you will find that there are great employment opportunities for you to work on board a cruise ship.

However while you are applying a cruise ship job, please pay special attention to the jobs that are normally filled by the same nationality. 

Cruise ship job vacancies in the engine room or on deck to be filled by the same nationality as the ship’s officers, it is important for communication or language purpose while cruising. 

Most of the ship officers are Norwegian, Greek, or Italian, with a handful of British and American ships. Many of the technical crew jobs in the engine room or on deck are staffed with Filipinos. 

They also employ unskilled workers at entry level for certain jobs. Most of the larger cruise lines have a cadet training scheme on board their ships. 

Job contracts offered by cruise lines are usually of four to six months duration, which are renewable. 

Most cruise lines post job openings, application forms, and information about how to apply on their own websites. Be sure to follow the posted application procedures to the letter. 

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Source by Smart Guide to World Cruise Ship

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